Drive Zone Online Mod APK v0.9.0 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Cars) 2024

Drive Zone Online Mod APK

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Drive Zone Online


Android 5.1+

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241 MB




Jet Games FZ-LLC.


May 4, 2024


  • Full Version
  • All Cars Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Points
  • MOD Menu
  • MOD Speed
  • Unlimited Car Drift Points
  • KM Car Speed
  • Set Drifting
  • Jump Speed
  • Set Car Leverage
  • Mass Task Complete + Static Speed
  • Unstable Ads Removed

About Drive Zone Online APK

With the advancement in technology, new games are coming up every day. It is quite challenging to choose from the cluster of games. However, some games get all the limelight. Drive Zone Online is one of them. It is a car racing game developed by Jet Games FZ-LLC that is quite popular among global racers for its unique gameplay. It challenges the players in intense races.

Drive Zone Online is a game with an ideal combo of adrenaline and strategy. Enjoy the driving thrill right in your phone with 50+ cars and realistic graphics. It provides a huge map to explore, spanning 20 km x 20 km. I drive my car on beaches, cities, highways, airports, race tracks, and deserts.

Drive Zone Online Mod APK is the updated version that offers smooth gameplay without any grinding. I craft my dream ride by using customization options like body kits, free vinyl editor, and rims.

About Drive Zone Online: Car Game Mod APK

Drive Zone Online is like a key to opening up a world of quests loaded with hurdles. It makes things easy for users. The Mod Apk provides access to more uplifted racing adventures by providing premium accessories. With the mod, I accessed all the premium features and items without being dragged for it.

The game provides free access to a game store to buy the game items without worrying about financial strains. The thing that irritated a racer the most was the appearance of the frequent ads. Mod Apk has removed this hassle by blocking the ads. It takes the overall gaming experience to the next level by providing god mode, unlimited Dzo points, and no damage. For more racing games try Race Master 3D Mod APK and enjoy its thrilling gameplay features.

Reasons Why Drive Zone Online Mod APK Popular Among Players?

Just after its release, Driving Zone Online became a gem and made its space on everyone’s phone. This popularity is not just because of its graphics and mechanics. Its vast open world also attracts global gamers. With Drive Zone Online, the driving sensation goes beyond the ordinary. The game provides an expansive open world to explore and run the racing car on diverse tracks.

Engaging Gameplay

The breathtaking gameplay of Drive Zone Online makes it a must-choose game for everyone. It is a place where the rubber meets the road. The game offers several customizable cars. I choose from those that better suit my play style. I customized the various parts of the vehicle to bring them to my liking.

The game offers different gameplay modes, from drift challenges to skill tests. It includes Skill Test mode, Car race mode, drift mode, and Auto market. The availability of multiple game modes removes boredom from the game. When I got fed up with playing one mode, I easily switched to the other. Every mode has different quests and challenges that bring diversity to the gameplay.

Drive Zone Online Mod APK Latest Version

Not only this, Drive Zone Online also lets me compete against real-life players or invite my friends to play along with Multiplayer mode. The game events include time trials, drift racing, drag racing, street racing, and drag racing. I take part in these events and earn rewards.

What’s New In The Latest Version

  • New Tracks
  • New Control Types
  • Green Hel Mode
  • Rank Modes
  • New Career Stages
  • New Seasonal Activities
  • Facebook Login Added
  • New Cars and Lots of Content

Key Features of Drive Zone Online: Car Game APK

Never-Ending Open World To Explore

Delve into the open world where exploration has no limits. Drive Zone Online provides a huge map to explore. I enjoyed the thrill of racing on city streets, canyons, airfields, and desserts. I roamed here and there and explored new areas and locations. There is so much to view that I spent hours on my system playing the Drive Zone Online game.

This feature provides me with a sense of freedom and exploration. I found hidden treasures and bonuses by exploring the expensive map. Uncovering the latent bonuses adds a mystery factor to the game.

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Realistic Driving Physics

The driving physics of Drive Zone Online game are designed to mirror real-life driving, making the driving as realistic as possible. Factors like engine power, tire grip, and weight balance affect how the vehicle performs on turns and at jumps. The grasp of tires decreases in wet weather or off-road through grass. Suspension squeezes while making high jumps. The physics engine asks for smooth driving skills, just like in real life.

Drive Zone Online Mod APK Unlimited Money

Online Multiplayer Mode

Drive Zone Online does not only focus on solo ventures. It prioritizes multiplayer modes. It is about making alliances, challenging rivals, and ranking the leaderboards. Racing with friends is even better. Drive Zone Online Mod Apk Unlocked All Cars allows you to challenge real-life players.

Multiplayer mode transforms the game into a vast community hub.

Collaborative Exploration: The game allows me to immerse myself in online matches with up to 32 players. This mode creates a spirit of teamwork and adds an exciting element to the exploration process.

Social Interaction: It also boosts social interaction. I participate in online chats to make new friends and share strategies and tips with my fellow players.

Competitive Thrill: the multiplayer mode also provides a competitive edge to the game. Race against real-life gamers and rise on the global scoreboards. Show them my racing abilities.

Advanced and Latest Customizable Cars

The mod version offers an extensive car collection spanning from vintage classics to progressive supercars. It has the world’s top-class cars in its collection. These include supercars, vintage classics, SUVs, and hypercars. I race with my desired car on diverse tracks. Moreover, it also let me bring a personal touch to the game by customizing the cars.

I customized the vehicles both mechanically and visually. The visual enhancements include paints, body kits, modified body panels, and installing wings. The mechanical changes include enhanced brakes, suspension, and engine.

Customize Your Car in Driving Zone Online Mod APK Game

Drift Mode to Attain Maximum Score

Do you want to earn extra points to progress faster in the game? The mod version of Drive Zone Online game makes it easy. It offers different stunts to perform, for which players get extra points and rewards. One eye-catching is drift mode. The earned points may depend on the drift players make, depending on how long they sustain a drift, angle, and speed.

Participate In Daily Events And Quests

Drive Zone Online Mod APK is enriched with events and quests. By completing these quests, the player earns money and loot boxes. The tasks include” Land a 60FP jump” or “Earn 50K drift points.” These events add a competitive layer to the game, making it more exciting. The addition of new events regularly keeps the gameplay fresh and interesting.

Excellent Graphics with Stunning Visuals

Drive Zone Online Mod APK raises the standard of visual experience by providing breathtaking graphics. The realistic graphics enhance visual engagement. The developers worked deeply on all minor aspects, crafting all the factors precisely to make the game visually appealing.

Rewarding Progression System

Practice brings perfection; thus, practice dominates the racing tracks and earns rewards. The more I practiced in the game, the more I improved. I progressed in the game quickly, and I received rewards. The earned rewards may include currency and loot boxes. The currency is used to customize and unlock the cars. The loot boxes rewarded me with new cars, currency, and cosmetics.

Drive Zone Online Premium APK Features

Unlimited Money

Money is the basic in-game currency used to max out the performance and make upgrades. The unlimited money feature of Drive Zone Online Mod APK removes the hassle of grinding for the sake of money. With infinite cash, I spent on exotic paints, engine swaps, and many others without thinking twice.

Ad-Free Experience

Unwanted ads plague racing games. These ads disturb the gameplay and break the motion of the races. I stuck with the frequent appearance of the ads and shut down the game. The modded version makes the journey easy and restriction-free. It strips out all the ads and fully immerses me in the gameplay.

All Cars Unlocked

Drive Zone Online Mod Apk gives a complete hold on car collection. The game offers supercars to drive, opening up the way to unstoppable adventures. With the unlock all cars feature, I have the whole garage at my disposal. With this feature, I am fully able to focus on my racing gameplay rather than doing hard work to unlock vehicles.

Drive Zone Online Mod APK Unlocked All Cars

Regular Updates

As with the official game, Drive Zone Online Mod APK updates its content regularly to ensure that its users have the latest information. Each update brings new mod features, customization options, and vehicles that were missing in the old version.

Mod Menu

The custom mod menu is the feature that makes Drive Zone Online Mod Apk superior to the regular game. To make the gameplay easy for players, it unlocks all items and features. The mod menu serves as a trainer that helps to make the game aspects to my edge. The quick finish option of the mod menu lets me end the level instantly and start a new one. This feature makes me progress in the game within no time.

Free shopping

Drive Zone Online’s in-game transactions required real money. The Mod version was launched to lighten the burden on users’ pockets and offers a free purchase attribute. The free shopping feature lets me shop for game items without nickel-and-diming my wallet.

Unlocked Everything

Embrace the journey of never-ending adventure with the unlocked everything feature. Drive Zone online Mod Apk lets me explore the gaming world and diverse tracks freely by unlocking all the features and items.

Tips Need To Follow To Become A Top Racer

Try Different Car Adjustments: To maximize production in the game, try various car handling options. Different cars have different handling, which will help you determine what works best for each model.

Upgrade Wisely: Make in-game upgrades precisely. Prioritize the upgrades that better suit your playstyle.

Master The Tracks: It is crucial to learn about the tracks. Get complete control of the paths, including twists, turns, and shortcuts. A strong grip on the routes gives you advantages over rivals.

Do Practice: Follow the quote, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Get an expert in racing before diving into the multiplayer chaos.

Customize the Cars Regularly: Customizing the cars is critical to progressing in the game and dominating the terrain. Never forget that fully adjusted vehicles dominate the racetracks.

Pros And Cons of Drive Zone Online: Car Race Mod APK

  • Provide a wide range of vehicles to choose from.
  • Offers realistic graphics and physics.
  • Multiplayer mode establishes the connection with real-life players.
  • A vast open world to explore and endless racing.
  • Some features required the availability of smooth internet.
  • The game causes lag and freezing issues occasionally.

How To Download and Install Drive Zone Online Game

  • Start the procedure by downloading the Apk file.
  • For this, press the download button.
  • After this, activate the Unknown Sources option in mobile settings.
  • Now, the next step is Installation.
  • Open the installer and tap on the Install icon.
  • Let the adventure begin once Installation is completed.


Step into the vast open-world adventure with Drive Zone Online Mod Apk. The Mod APK makes the game more exciting and engaging, with everything unlimited and unlocked. Its excellent graphics and customizable car collection provide an immersive experience you have never seen before.

Enjoy powerful racing with exceptional features, stunts, and drifting. The drift stunts provide extra drift points. Now, nothing could stop you from putting pedals to the metals. Download Drive Zone Online Mod APK and embrace the journey to dominate the racing tracks.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Sadly, It is not possible to change the server in this game. You can only change the IP or location by using a VPN and creating another account to start a new game

Yes, it is 100% authentic and secure. No third party can access this game or the user’s data.

Yes, It is available for offline play. Still, there are some features to access which internet connection is needed.

The Mod APK has yet to be launched for PC. However, you can play this game on your computers via an Android emulator (Bluestacks).

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